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Learn from someone who runs a real business, with real experience!

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad

191k Miles - Clean Title

Purchase Price: $2500

Recon: $70.00

Sale Price: $4997

Total Profit: $2427

What will you learn?

How to find cars that not only sell but make you at least $800 in profit per sale!

How to use the correct tools that will show you the right price to pay and sell the car for every single time!

How to minimize your risk of loss and predict the correct profit regardless of your experience or knowledge of cars!

How I structured my business, so that I get paid every single day on autopilot!

What will you get?

A step by step guide on where you should start looking for deals that will bring you the most profit.

Live customer call during the training process.

How to find and analyze your deals with a full explanation on all costs and potential income.

What to avoid to minimize your risk of losing money on a flip.

In-depth knowledge about how much cars are worth in your area, and what you should buy and sell them for.

2002 BMW 328i

134k Miles - Clean Title

Purchase Price: $1400

Recon: $692

Sale Price: $5600

Total Profit: $3508

Clients & Cars Flipped for Profit

My Students


Krystian K.

I was working 9-5 job in Poland, and had a boss that I had to beg for money every month. I decided to quit my job, and spent my last money to book flights to US. Lu took me from the airport, and we started working the day after. I had no driver license, I knew nothing about cars. Lu is so clear in his teaching program that even a guy from Poland who barely can say ‘already’ understood everything! I’ve flipped one car, 2nd one and a 3rd one pretty quick. Now I’m on my way to scale and looking for other oportunities like exporting cars to Poland, and hiring people there to sell them for me.

Victor D.

This course was straight 🔥🔥 I started going through it and learning from Lu. The amount of value bombs and different points of views he shares within his program makes you look at the whole car flipping game with a new approach. I worked at a kitchen before slaving away for 50+ hours a week to get 6-700/week. Now I sell one car and I can make that and more. I’ve been in this program for 3 months and applying what I learned and have flipped over 12 cars already. Investment is back and now I have knowledge no one can take from me that helps me bring an extra 4K a month home.

Izabel B.

I started working with Lu, I was his guinea pig LOL as his girlfriend I thought I would never be able to do this he brought me to work with him and I knew ZERO about cars, tbh I didn’t even know they come in different “trims” 😂 I thought all BMW’s were the same. They are definitely not. I know that now, I’ve learned so much in his course, and daily teachings that I’ve helped sell over 70 cars now. This stuff is easy to understand, simple to implement and you can definitely get results if you focus and do what he says.

Gustavo P.

I started the course, and decided to jump right in and work with Lu directly. In a matter of a couple weeks I was already understanding the systems and processes needed and began learning how to look for vehicles, evaluate them, market them and speak to customers correctly. He’s clear and precise in his teaching and cuts through the bulls*t with actionable steps that literally work instantly, I flipped 2 cars in one day by the second week of training. I got my money back and he still gave me a commission on top for the good work. Best decision I’ve made. I cannot wait to open my own place.

Will W.

While going to school to become a CPA. My father told me I needed to talk to this guy to learn what he did because he was someone who was crushing the game in the auto space, my dad is a wholesaler he wanted me to get experience so he ended up putting me through his program and I’ve been in it less than 4 weeks (not even done with the course) and I’ve listed and flipped 4 cars already.

If you’re looking for something that actually works, not based on “theory” this is the program for you.

Freddy G.

Lu’s teachings are easy to follow. I was a bit skeptical and afraid because I didnt know anything about cars mechanically and had no idea if this would work for me. Once I joined the program and started following the step by step videos I was mindblown at how easy to understand it is. Within 3 weeks I was already comfortable in searching for cars and doing my own due diligence in checking them, negotiating, and knowing how much reconditioning I would need as well as my projected profit. So far I’ve been in the program 4 months and have already flipped over 11 cars. If you’re on the fence, do it. Your first two car pays the price you paid for the course after that its profit on top of profit. Thank you Lu for the opportunity. 

Rodrigo A.

The course is excellent. Took nothing but a couple weeks to grasp the concept and with the guidance & support Lu gives you (which is the key differentiator) I quickly picked up a car and flipped it for $2100 in profit. Great product, zero fluff, actionable lesson with walkthroughs that are easy to follow.

More Flips

2007 Mazda Mazda 3

189k Miles - Clean Title

Purchase Price: $1375

Recon: $954

Sale Price: $6995

Total Profit: $4666

2001 Honda Accord

146k Miles - Clean Title

Purchase Price: $850

Recon: $732

Sale Price: $4495

Total Profit: $2913

2007 Toyota Matrix

152k Miles - Clean Title

Purchase Price: $1700

Recon: $690

Sale Price: $5995

Total Profit: $3605

2002 Lexus ES 300

172k Miles - Clean Title

Purchase Price: $3200

Recon: $460

Sale Price: $7990

Total Profit: $4330